Rio Crossing Homeowners Association

Welcome to Rio Crossing Homeowner Association's mailing list!  Please be sure to indicate which notifications you want to receive.

Notes about the individual notification options: 
  • We highly recommend the Monthly Summary notification for everyone - it will contain information about scheduled meetings and community-wide events, as well as Bulk Pickup and Holiday Trash/Recycling schedules, and will be sent near the end of the previous month. 
  • The Weekly Summary will contain updated information for the coming week - typically sent on Friday or Saturday.
  • The Bulk Trash/Holiday Schedule list provides specific information about this often-missed information.  Please invite other family members to subscribe to this list so they can be in the loop on this too.  (You do have help taking the trash out, right?)
  • Joining the Meeting Agenda & Summary list will get you a link to the agenda as soon as it's available (typically a few days before a scheduled meeting) and a meeting summary within a few days after a Board meeting with information about decisions made at the meeting.
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